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All of the books I review for this blog, I own very few. Most of these, I got from the library. Of course, it would be very expensive to buy so many books. I own Wings by Julie Gonzalez (it's an e-book), Mail-Order Wings, Self-Portrait With Wings, and Growing Wings. Out of the 32 books I reviewed so far, that's all.

A lot of the books I reviewed, I already returned to the library now. I am beginning to miss some of them... already wishing I have my own copy. I think that's a sign of a good book, if you're feeling that way. So, I thought I'd mention what books I would really like to own.

- Gwinna. I think this is the book that I miss the most. When I'm feeling sad, I think about it and it was such a healing story. It feels like a warm blanket just wrapping around you and saying "it's okay". It talks about pain, but also washes that pain away. The pictures are beautiful and it's a lovely book to be cosy by the fire with, drinking cocoa, and wrapped in your favourite blanket. I want to keep it for myself, and, to read to any children that I have the pleasure of reading to.

- Birdwing. This is a painful book, but the pilgrimage of the boy to see the swans was so moving, heartbreaking, and lovely. Also, it inspired some of my own spiritual feelings and really woke up to me my feelings, that I need to find a place in my flock, and connect better with the swan side of myself. So, I would like to read this over to inspire me on my spiritual journey.

- Bird. I just loved this book!! Even the feeling of holding it in my hands was so beautiful. A tiny book about a tiny girl. I can stare at the cover for so long. That's even before you get inside... and then, the story is just joyful.

- Hawk, I'm Your Brother. This is an important reminder book for me about the treatment of birds. I think it's worth reading for anyone who keeps birds, and clips their wings, or keeps them in a cage all the time. It's also written very beautifully.

- Half-Human. I gave this book only three and a half out of five. But, the selkie story in this book is one that I want to go back to. It's a beautiful story, though a lot of the other stories in the book weren't as good.

So, that's my "top five" that I would like to put on my shelf... do you have any books on this theme that you really love to own, or, you would want to own it someday? Please, let me know your thoughts!
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