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I got news... that today, [personal profile] charcoalfeathers, who is writing a beautiful novel called To Dream, Perchance To Soar, wrote the final words on the main part of the novel!

It will need editing of course so, you might not see this book for a while. There is also extra content to include. But, in one sense the book is finished.

The book follows the adventures of a Parisian girl named Aile Molyneaux. Like many characters in the novels I review she dreams of having wings. But when a mysterious race of bird-people, known to the Parisians as les volants, come down to Earth through a split in the sky, she finds much more than she ever dreamed of... changes are coming for not just her, but the greater world. This is a fascinating novel of spiritual awakening that doesn't stop at the awakening part... it is a story of growth, change, and enlightenment even beyond the first moment of realising, or the second, or the third. It has some of the best character development I ever saw in a novel, the most solid spirituality, the most living characters. Even the small side characters come alive and make you care.

Having inspirations from Amélie as well as being an optimistic project to take the plot of many "winged people" novels and give it a completely new direction, this is a book you absolutely don't want to miss if you are otherkin, therian, or simply a dreamer.

Here's a quick preview of the cover for this book:

"To Dream, Perchance to Soar" cover preview

Of course there will be more information when it's released, so, please look forward to it! m(_ _)m You can also take a look at, there's nothing there now but check in a few weeks as there will be a "keep me informed" list option soon, and also many more things ^v^
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