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Short review: For Jonathan Livingston Seagull, flying is the most important thing in life. Unlike to his kin, who think flying is only a tool. Armed with this philosophy, Jonathan makes some surprising discoveries about life... and beyond. This is an amazing philosophical story that is a slot similar to classic fables and allegories. On the lteral level, as well as philosophical metaphor, many winged people I think will enjoy it... it's about living in the way that is important to you even if it's not the custom, the spiritual things that follow from that, and much more.

Writing: I didn't really notice the writing in this book... I guess the sign of a good book, is when you focus on the story so much, you don't notice how the writing is like at all! As for the plot though, it's great, and builds more and more on itself... it starts out being about one thing but, always has more to teach. The book also has seagull photos at some points in the story, which helps you feel the characters are real and makes you feel like you are being drawn into the story a lot.

From a winged person's perspective...: Well, the book is about flying of course ^^ Although in a way you can see it as a metaphor, the story is also very much about "the things YOU feel joy doing... are important and will change you". So, if you want it to be about flying, the book isn't going to tell you, that itself is not about flying. For a book all about learning to fly, there is not much description of the feeling of flying... it's more about the Jonathan character achieving his goals. But, he does focus much on "flying for the sake of flying is the important thing".

Also, all the characters are seagulls ^^ So, there are no issues to worry about like, "is this book going to call me a freak for wanting to read about wings?"

Trigger warnings: Being outcast. Also, this is just my personal view but some things at the beginning of the book were a little ED triggering for me (it depends on what ED is to you), though, by the end of the book it actually turns around in a nice way and might actually be a support in that way. If you're not suffering from ED you probably won't notice this, but, it is just a small thing I noticed.

More thoughts...: Near to the beginning of this book, Jonathan tells himself something that many of you will find familiar... he tells himself something that many otherkin, therians, and other magical people tell themselves every day.

There's no way around it. I am a seagull. I am limited by my nature. If I were meant to learn so much abotu flying, I'd have charts for brains. If I were meant to fly at speed, I'd have a falcon's short wings, and live on mice instead of fish. My father was right. I must forget this foolishness. I must fly home to the Flock and be content as I am, as a poor limited seagull.

The voice faded, and Jonathan agreed. The place for a seagull at night is on shore, and from this moment forth, he vowed, he would be a normal gull. It would make everyone happier.

But it doesn't make anybody happier. The damage is already done... and so... Jonathan begins to find out what it means to be him.

And, it's more beautiful than anything he, or anybody else imagined.

If you are doubting your convictions... if you think it's not so good to act on faith of your own heart... if you are searching for "more"... or if you just want to read a great philosophical story about flying... this is a lovely book! I can't find anything negative about it. It doesn't exactly fit the theme, of "what is life as a winged person?" but it deals with a lot of issues important to therians and otherkin, and also has a lot of interesting philosophy... it definitely made me think about a few things I haven't thought about before and I think about this kind of thing a lot... so... I think it's worth it for anyone to read, and there's a great flying story to go along with it! I have to give it five out of five ^^
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