Mar. 12th, 2011

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Short review: A short picture book with beautiful words, that managed to amaze me by being very powerful. It directly speaks to the experience of people who want to fly. The ending may be disappointing or delightful depending on how you look at it... but it's very worth reading, even though it is a short book.

Writing: This book has a beautiful poetry... it's simple enough that children can understand it, but very lovely. There's just one issue with the writing at the end, but otherwise, it's really good.

From a winged person's perspective...: This book directly talks about someone who longs to fly and feels that birds are their kin (which is the reason for the title). It captures the desire for flight and the nature of such a person very well... in a heart-aching way that other books miss. I think that most winged people will feel that the dream of this book speaks to them, at least in the beginning. Whether you feel that the ending is magical, or is denying of the things said earlier in the book, is up to your perspective.

Trigger warnings: A hawk is tied up and kept in a cage.

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Short review: This book can't be described in a short review so well without spoiling it... or even a long review without spoiling it. All I will say is it's a strange, beautiful, ethereal feeling story that is absolutely recommended for everyone with the heart of a flyer... and also just as a great story... you won't understand why for a while, but it is worth waiting for as it slowly unfolds, and in the meantime, the rest of the story unfolding is a joy. Even the cover and the size of the book are part of the beauty.

Writing: Amazing... full of poetry, a beautiful sort of melancholy wistful feeling, mystery, and hope. The writing never lets this book down.

From a winged person's perspective...: At first, this book may not seem that it has much for winged people. The main character is a girl who is so light that the wind carries her, but soon she is bound to the ground. But you will understand in time why this book is called "Bird". All through the book, too, you will get an indirect feeling of her love for the air... in the way that she always describes the weather and the quality of the air and the feeling of being up high... more subtle than most books, but it is all through the story in a way that makes it really a story about a flyer, in a way that is rare, and realistic. To say more would spoil it....

Trigger warnings: A child is imprisoned and treated poorly.

Extra note: This book is by Rita Murphy who also wrote Night Flying (which I review at that link). Clearly, she has an attachment to this idea... flyers may want to watch out for her work in the future.

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