Apr. 26th, 2011

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Short review: A very pretty picture book, with full double page paintings. The book talks much about the dream of flying, and begins in a beautiful way, but, it falls into one of the "traps" in the ending that many books like this fall into I think... in "More thoughts", I'll discuss it. It's very inspiring, but, the writing is a little poor and it might give the wrong message to young children. It's worth it if you're collecting pretty picture books about flying though.

Writing: The writing jumps about, between really beautiful, and very broken and confusing... for example, one line is, "So they went to the kitchen where they found the ingredients for a mysterious potion". But, we never hear about how they get the idea for this potion, before or after. Did they find the recipe in the kitchen, too? Did they make it up? Do their parents make mysterious potions? You don't find out. The book jumps like this a lot.

Since this is a picture book, I'm also going to talk about the paintings here. They are a little mixed... some of the people are a little rough but the background style is very pretty. It feels like it was inspired by classic Japanese paintings.

From a winged person's perspective...: Flying with leaf wings is a really interesting idea! There's lots of magic and the characters definitely want to fly for the sake of flying. They love magic and they miss it in a deep way when it is gone. This would be a great book for winged people except for the message at the end, which I think most people will disagree with.

Trigger warnings: None. This is a very gentle book, with no violence.

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