Apr. 27th, 2011

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Short review: Alison wants wings, and nothing else will do... not flying with a cape or even in a plane. This is a short little children's book, almost a "half picture book" (it has more writing than a picture book, but it has lots of pictures and it is still very short) meant for 2nd grade children. It's interesting and a little circular... the story ends where it begins. I'm not sure what to think of it at all, but, it's a nice book for very young children.

Writing: It's quite average and simple... nothing too good or bad. The ending is very blurry and there is no real message, leaving the story open where it's hard to say what a person might get from it. The pictures have a touching feeling to them, and, you can see the longing that is in Alison. It also has nice small details like, the feather print on her night shirt ^^

From a winged person's perspective...: This book is almost the opposite of the last book I reviewed, Eucalyptus Wings. In that book, flying with wings is a dream that you can swap for flying on a swing. In this book there are swings too, in strange coincidence, but, it's very clear all through the book... nothing is like flying with wings. Alison's dream of wings isn't described very much so we don't know why she wants them, but, it still has a feeling that many winged people will identify with. It's a short book and not much detail though, better for younger children who are just learning to read.

Trigger warnings: Feelings of longing for wings, and, the feeling of wings itching under skin and pushing through skin.

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Hi everyone, and thank you for reading!

I'm just letting you know that the book reviews will be slow for this next 5 or 6 days because, I'm visiting with a good friend. So, probably won't be any of these during that time. I apologise, and, also apologise for my slowness due to sickness, I'll try and write more again soon m(_ _)m

To say thank you and sorry to everyone reading, I wrote one more review tonight, it's of Alison's Wings... I hope you enjoy it ^^
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