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Short review: A fairy tale that is just pure magic... in every meaning of that word. This is surely the antidote to all the books out there that promise you fantasy and wonder but take it away just as quickly... it's an amazing story, for young and old people, and especially those with wings. It's a beautiful story for anyone who loves magic and spiritual things too, because its spiritual heart is very deep. The pictures are just as beautiful as the story too. This is a "must read" book!

Writing: Pretty and full of poetry, with a soft magical feeling matched with the soft misty paintings... the descriptions are so beautiful and the story is uplifting. The images will just flow into your heart.

From a winged person's perspective...: This is a great story for winged people. Even though this is a fantasy, dreamlike story, the descriptions of flying are realistic and the most detailed you will see. There are many realistic descriptions of birds too and Gwinna's wings are never treated as an afterthought. Gwinna has an ache in her body and heart for the sky and she loves who she is, only happy to embrace it, coming to learn that her parents are not her true family and that they keep her bound out of fear for her, but also not forgetting them for her new life, and continuing to be loving towards them... so it doesn't have a message of "thoughtlessly abandon your family for your true self" either, making this story the best of both worlds. There is no "horror of being not human" in this story at all, except from those who are ignorant... Gwinna sees herself as a bird. I can't think of anything negative about how this story treats winged people, except for the parts in the trigger warnings which might upset some people.

Trigger warnings: Binding wings and making them painful and crippled, described in detail. Some characters treating wings as a curse.

More thoughts...: This book was graciously recommended to me by Orion Sandstorrm... I can't thank you enough! It's just what I needed. It's a little hard sometimes to enjoy these stories because I keep waiting for the moment when the magic will go away, or the character will lose her wings. It seems like in any children's story, you can't keep holding onto the things you love. And this is always shown as a good thing. But I tried to trust that this story Orion has recommended to me would not let me down. And I was right to have that trust. This is magic all the way through. Thank you so much m(_ _)m *hugs!!*

I can't say anything bad about this story. And, if I tell you all the good things, it will spoil it. Just to say, this is a story where good can triumph. There doesn't need to be any horrible nasty price for things. Everything can be healed. So if you need a book to make you feel healed, this is it. If people have bound your wings... in a literal or non-literal way... then let this story pick you up and cherish you, like the wise old mother that it is.

Additionally, for anyone who is fae or otherwise aligned with magic, this story has a really positive description of magic that is also really accurate. Magic is always shown as giving strength and healing even though some people fear it in a superstitious way. If you let it touch you, you will always be right. Just reading this story made me feel so filled up with magic... even the dark things that happen in the story never have a truly bad consequence, when they come from magic. It's very true to alchemical beliefs too as the story teaches "as above, so shall it be below" and other alchemy lessons. So if you want your children to understand that ancient spiritual way of looking at the world, which is what many modern magical thought is based on... then this is also a great book for that.

Really I don't need to give it a score, but I will anyway... this book definitely deserves five out of five or even more. If you don't believe me look on Amazon, all the reviews say the same thing (^-^)
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