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Name:book reviews for winged people
This is just a small collection of books (and sometimes, other stories) I'm putting together about the subject of flight and wings. Specifically, the stories I want to include are ones that....

- deal with "what it means to be winged" as a major theme, or...
- deal with "feelings of wanting to fly" or "feelings of flying" (with wings) as a major theme, or...
- any book I feel is especially relevant to winged people.

The reason I'm creating this list is to show these stories from a winged perspective. They were created in a world where people aren't familiar with winged people and yet many people dream of flight. That creates some beautiful work and it creates a lot of mistaken work. But either way, it's usually looked at from the perspective of a human, both in the stories themselves, and in how they're reviewed. I'm reviewing things from a different perspective, so it's useful to other winged people (otherkin, people in multiple systems, etc....) who want to know what stories to read, or what ones they might not like, or may trigger them... etc.

In each review, I'll have the following:

- a short review of the story that doesn't spoil it
- an analysis of how good the writing was
- an analysis of how good this story is for winged people (in my opinion)
- trigger warnings (mostly focused on winged people but I'll try and cover anything I can think of, sorry if I don't know all people's triggers)
- and then my detailed thoughts (may spoil the story and may discuss content related to triggers)

Books I reviewed so far:

- Maximum Ride, by James Patterson (manga and novel versions)
- Mail-Order Wings, by Beatrice Gormley
- Self-Portrait With Wings, by Susan Kohn Green
- Animorphs, "The Encounter", by K. A. Applegate
- The Black Gryphon, by Mercedes Lackey
- The White Gryphon, by Mercedes Lackey
- Night Flying, by Rita Murphy
- Zahrah the Windseeker, by Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu
- The Wall and the Wing, by Laura Ruby
- Growing Wings, by Laurel Winter
- Wings, by Julie Gonzalez
- Dragonwings, by Laurence Yep
- The Wayfarer Redemption, by Sara Douglass
- The Boy Who Could Fly, by James Norcliffe
- Hawk, I'm Your Brother, by Byrd Baylor
- Bird, by Rita Murphy
- Half-Human (anthology), edited by Bruce Coville
- The Fledgling, by Jane Langton
- Leonardo's Dream, by Hans de Beer
- Flamboyan, by Arnold Adoff
- The Wing Shop, by Elvira Woodruff
- The Things With Wings, by Gregory Holch
- Angela's Wings, by Eric Jon Nones
- Gwinna, by Barbara Helen Berger
- The Girl Who Could Fly, by Victoria Forester
- Frankie!, by Wilanne Schneider Belden
- Birdwing, by Rafe Martin
- Wings, by Jane Yolen
- Skellig, by David Almond
- Changing Planes, by Ursula Le Guin
- Men in the Air: The Best Flight Stories of All Time From Greek Mythology to the Space Age, by multiple authors
- The Book of Flying, by Keith Miller
- Wings: A Fairy Tale, by E. D. Baker
- The Boy Who Could Fly Without A Motor, by Theodore Taylor
- Wings, by Bill Brittain
- Eucalyptus Wings, by J. Alison James
- Alison's Wings, by Marion Bauer
- Unicorn Wings, by Mallory Loehr
- The Not-Just-Anybody Family, by Betsy Cromar Byers
- Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach
- Someplace to be Flying, by Charles deLint
- Free Fall, by David Wiesner
- Flying Out Of This World, by Peter Greenaway
- Murkmere, by Patricia Elliott
- Ambergate, by Patricia Elliott
- The Swan Maiden, by Heather Tomlinson

Other reviews:

- Special review: KOTOKO's music

Now you can also see my five star reviews which tell you the books I absolutely recommend ^-^

Books on my list to review: Please go here for my "to read" list on Librarything ^^

Other stories on my list to review:

- Haibane Renmei, by Yoshitoshi ABe

Other stories that are relevant to this theme (no review because these are short stories, poems, etc.):

- All Of Us Can Almost..., by Carol Emshwiller
- short story (unknown title), by Laurel Winter in the anthology "Firebirds", edited by Sharyn November

What else will be on this list? Well... I accept recommendations! I really do! I would even accept poems, but I can't review them because I don't know much about poetry ^^; But I can share them. Please help me be comprehensive and tell me what books you would like to see as well as what you would like me to mention in reviews! Mostly I am focusing on angels, bird-people and "human-shaped people with wings" (since that is what I am) but I will do books about dragons or other species too if it's relevant to my theme.

Also, I'm sorry, English isn't my first language so if my writing isn't clear sometimes, I'm very sorry ^^; But you can ask me any questions by sending me a private message on Dreamwidth or leaving a comment. ^-^ (All comments are screened.)


Special thanks to Orion Sandstorrm, for being such a great contributor of so many titles on this list!

You can see Orion Sandstorrm's otherkin book list here and, otherkin book collection on Librarything here.
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