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Well, this is a little different from my usual reviews... surely some are going to say, "what does music have to do with books?" Well... music can tell stories... and I just wanted to take a little time to share with you, the stories that are told by one artist, KOTOKO.

KOTOKO is a Japanese popular artist. I first began to like her songs for the series Kannazuki no Miko. But I discovered later that there's a little hidden treasure trove in her music... a lot of her songs are about wings, or flight. So far, there's at least five songs that I've found that describe these things. Not just describing them, but filling them with the passion of flight. It really makes me think that KOTOKO has a sympathy deep in her heart for the image of a winged person... or maybe she's hiding something... what do you think?

These are the songs, with the lyrics translations into English as well, for your information....

Free Angels: Video / Lyrics

Wing My Way: Video / Lyrics

Hane (Feather): Video / Lyrics

Snow Angel: Video / Lyrics

Second Flight: Video / Lyrics

I hope that you enjoy this little "aside"... just a little thing that I think the winged people will appreciate. (^-^) The "Hane" video, some have said, also has a feeling of "longing to fly" to it... do you think so too?
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