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I got news... that today, [personal profile] charcoalfeathers, who is writing a beautiful novel called To Dream, Perchance To Soar, wrote the final words on the main part of the novel!

It will need editing of course so, you might not see this book for a while. There is also extra content to include. But, in one sense the book is finished.

The book follows the adventures of a Parisian girl named Aile Molyneaux. Like many characters in the novels I review she dreams of having wings. But when a mysterious race of bird-people, known to the Parisians as les volants, come down to Earth through a split in the sky, she finds much more than she ever dreamed of... changes are coming for not just her, but the greater world. This is a fascinating novel of spiritual awakening that doesn't stop at the awakening part... it is a story of growth, change, and enlightenment even beyond the first moment of realising, or the second, or the third. It has some of the best character development I ever saw in a novel, the most solid spirituality, the most living characters. Even the small side characters come alive and make you care.

Having inspirations from Amélie as well as being an optimistic project to take the plot of many "winged people" novels and give it a completely new direction, this is a book you absolutely don't want to miss if you are otherkin, therian, or simply a dreamer.

Here's a quick preview of the cover for this book:

"To Dream, Perchance to Soar" cover preview

Of course there will be more information when it's released, so, please look forward to it! m(_ _)m You can also take a look at, there's nothing there now but check in a few weeks as there will be a "keep me informed" list option soon, and also many more things ^v^
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Hi everyone, and thank you for reading!

I'm just letting you know that the book reviews will be slow for this next 5 or 6 days because, I'm visiting with a good friend. So, probably won't be any of these during that time. I apologise, and, also apologise for my slowness due to sickness, I'll try and write more again soon m(_ _)m

To say thank you and sorry to everyone reading, I wrote one more review tonight, it's of Alison's Wings... I hope you enjoy it ^^
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All of the books I review for this blog, I own very few. Most of these, I got from the library. Of course, it would be very expensive to buy so many books. I own Wings by Julie Gonzalez (it's an e-book), Mail-Order Wings, Self-Portrait With Wings, and Growing Wings. Out of the 32 books I reviewed so far, that's all.

A lot of the books I reviewed, I already returned to the library now. I am beginning to miss some of them... already wishing I have my own copy. I think that's a sign of a good book, if you're feeling that way. So, I thought I'd mention what books I would really like to own.

- Gwinna. I think this is the book that I miss the most. When I'm feeling sad, I think about it and it was such a healing story. It feels like a warm blanket just wrapping around you and saying "it's okay". It talks about pain, but also washes that pain away. The pictures are beautiful and it's a lovely book to be cosy by the fire with, drinking cocoa, and wrapped in your favourite blanket. I want to keep it for myself, and, to read to any children that I have the pleasure of reading to.

- Birdwing. This is a painful book, but the pilgrimage of the boy to see the swans was so moving, heartbreaking, and lovely. Also, it inspired some of my own spiritual feelings and really woke up to me my feelings, that I need to find a place in my flock, and connect better with the swan side of myself. So, I would like to read this over to inspire me on my spiritual journey.

- Bird. I just loved this book!! Even the feeling of holding it in my hands was so beautiful. A tiny book about a tiny girl. I can stare at the cover for so long. That's even before you get inside... and then, the story is just joyful.

- Hawk, I'm Your Brother. This is an important reminder book for me about the treatment of birds. I think it's worth reading for anyone who keeps birds, and clips their wings, or keeps them in a cage all the time. It's also written very beautifully.

- Half-Human. I gave this book only three and a half out of five. But, the selkie story in this book is one that I want to go back to. It's a beautiful story, though a lot of the other stories in the book weren't as good.

So, that's my "top five" that I would like to put on my shelf... do you have any books on this theme that you really love to own, or, you would want to own it someday? Please, let me know your thoughts!
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Hi hi everyone ^^

After the previous message, I want to say that soon (Thursday) I'm going on a few days' vacation. It's not really vacation, more of a ritual retreat but, I will have plenty of time to just sit and read books... in a relaxing environment by the lake's edge hopefully ^^ I hope that that will calm the feelings that are making it hard to concentrate.

So, at the very last, over the next weekend I will start reviewing more books. But, I hope that I will have something for you long before then.

I'm sorry, and please have patience with me m(_ _)m I want to support the winged community very much. I hope you won't mind this delay.
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Hi everyone... I just wanted to mention, there may be a slight pause in my reviews as I am dealing with some personal things in my life, please bear with me m(_ _)m I am trying to get it done but also, last few days have been busy for me and stressful. I'll get back to it as soon as possible ^^

Thank you all for your patience and subscriptions! m(_ _)m I hope to continue providing good reviews for you all in the future. I have a lot of books to go through ^^ If you are interested, I'm currently reading "Changing Planes" by Ursula LeGuin. It has a short story about flying people so maybe I'll review that ^^ Or, maybe the whole book because it is so good this far.
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What is most important to me when I review a book for this list is trust.

What I mean to say is, when you pick a book from the shelves, you can't trust it. You can't trust that the beautiful descriptions of flying won't end up as a book that has people's wings being pulled off, and a horrible message talking about how it was for the best. You can't just let yourself float along in the story trusting that the hope and lightness that it shows will continue. You can't trust that it won't have some painful description that hurts you and leaves you feeling shivers for ages.

Of course, some people don't want to have that trust. They enjoy seeing where a book will take them even if it hurts. So, for these people, I try to keep anything that might spoil the ending inside the cut tags. (So, when you link to a book, please do what I do, link to the title tag for that book! It looks like this: Not like this: They look like they go to the same place, but the first one will make it so you can choose whether to open the full review, or only see the short one, which spoils the book less.)

For me, I care about that trust... although in this project I can't have it. Mostly, I have to read the books not knowing what will happen and usually my stomach is clenched in the feeling that I might be betrayed. But when I've done that, I can pass the review onto everyone so that they don't have to have that same feeling if they don't want to. So it feels good, in the end.

I don't think many winged people have places they can trust. Too many people wouldn't take it seriously if they said, "I want to trust this book not to let me down". But if you have ever been in the situation of desperately hoping that a book would not tell you the same things other people have told you over and over again, and leave you feeling shaken, then maybe you understand what it means. So I want to make just a small place here that people can trust.
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A little while ago I made a post about children's books... I'm going to expand that a little. This time, I'm going to talk about why a lot of books I review are picture books. I imagine that a lot of people who read this site are adults. They may not want to read simple picture books that are very short (although some have some good poetry and stories in fact). So, why are there so many of these books?

Again, as I said before it's that these are the books that turn up when I search for flight in the catalogues that I look through. I use my local library catalogues, and Librarything and Amazon to look for books and this is what I find. Often when I go to pick up a book from the library, I didn't know it was a picture book!

Of course, if I didn't know that, then other people don't know that either. So I mention these books so you can know: this is a short children's picture book. If you're not interested in those books then you know not to get that one now (^-^)

But, others who read this site might be parents. And I want to help those people find books too. So these reviews might be useful for them too. That's why I write a full review, not just "this is a picture book so don't bother to get it"... I'll review every book I find because it may be to some people's interest.

And that's the final reason too. I want to review every book that I find on this subject to have a complete catalogue for people. Even if it ends up not relevant. That way... you can look at the review, and know it's not relevant, and not waste your time.

So... those are the reasons I review picture books. (^-^)
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I just went on a grand tour of the local libraries, with a long list of book titles in hand, and now have a great number more books to review! So you should be seeing those coming up fast very soon! Just to let you all know... I'm going to be busy. Hehe. ^^

Also, maybe I'll put even more tags on here just to keep track of things... maybe things like tagging books that I recommend. Let me know if there's a kind of categorisation you would like to see, in particular. ^-^
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I have been thinking for a while about whether it's better to keep this list while saying, "I am a winged person", or to keep it saying "I am someone who dreams of wings and flight". Both are true, as even being a winged person, I too have these dreams. Even if your dreams are real they can be dreams too. Think of the person who has warm daydreams of her homeland, even though she can travel there too. But the words I use changes how people see this list. Of course, I won't change it now again, but sometimes I think, what was the best way forward?

This list was begun to be from the perspective of a winged person. So I thought, I will put my authority behind it as a winged person. It seems silly to say, "this or that is not realistic" if I don't know myself. Plus, to simply say "I am a person dreaming of wings", those who experience themselves as winged people may say, "who are you to arbiter what is right or wrong about this??" So I felt, it's best to use my position of knowing, after all.

Of course this brings up some issues. One of these is belief... as a person in a multiple group I experience wings... I am winged. But in this world that (most of?) you read my words in, people don't have wings on their bodies. Phantom wings or ethereal wings or the wings are there in the soul, but not flesh and bone. Perhaps in the end my "authority" is nothing at all. So of course I'm up against the thought that people might say "you're not really this, but just pretending". Of course, that hurts me very much. But in the end I have my own body and I know what's true. Plus, it would be the same if I was telling any strange experience. Some people might laugh... but if no one tells of strange experiences... no one will believe them... and so no one can ever tell... a problematic cycle begins. I have the good luck to be in a place to speak. So I should speak without fear from my heart, unless, I want to encourage a world where nobody will.

But really, that is just a small issue that I set aside. It's just my personal comfort. What is more serious, is whether people who have never seen a winged person will take it seriously. Of course, "the dream of flight" is well known. I want it to be taken seriously... for people to not laugh at those who dream of flight but realise that throughout time we have had this calling. It means something. And people can relate to a person who says "I dream of flight", more than they can relate to a complex situation like mine. So for that reason, it would have been better to hide. About that one... I still don't know what to do, I'm honest.

My other big issue is that I wonder if I set myself apart from you. I think that those of us who have wings and those of us who don't in this life, but also have a feeling of flight important to them, or know in their heart what soaring is about... I think we are of the same kinship. I don't want to draw a bright line between us. To me, you are kin... not "otherkin" but "kin to me"... you have the heart that was meant to fly, and that is the most important thing, to me, I believe. I could say "I am someone who dreams of wings and flight" and maybe you would feel that I stand with you more closely.

But the truth is, doing that, I would deny something in me too. I don't just dream but also I am. I don't want to hide the whole of myself. So, with respect... I'll continue saying it this way. It might be in some ways a good idea and in some ways a bad one. In the end, it comes down to my selfish heart, doesn't it? Or, perhaps, "identity". Identity is important for me, just as it is important for you who are otherkin.

Even so, to those of you who dream of flight, I want you to know that this is not me, looking down on you from a high perch (hehe) or trying to be better. But wanting to say "we are all kin". We are bound by our dreams of flight... there is a feeling in our hearts that is hard to share but somehow, it can make it out in words very rarely. This is why I review these books.

Well... too much talking... the next review is coming soon!
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I know that some people who look at this collection will think: why are there so many children's books? It's true, I mostly have been reading books meant for children or young adults, and there are some books that are for very young ages. Probably younger than any people reading this list. You can look at the list of books I have to review... it's a mixture, but a lot of them are children's. So why don't I review more adult books?

I could say that it's because children should learn about these ideas early, especially if they grow up in a house with otherkin, multiples, etc.... That's a little true... But that's not really why.

I could say that it's because it's shorter to read those books, so I can finish more of them quickly, and let everyone know about a large number of books. That's a little true... But that's not really why.

I could say that it's because I think everyone should be able to read a good children's book, and if the message is good, it's suitable for everyone, even if it's a simple story. That's a little true... But that's not really why.

I could say that it's... because I can't read longer books ^^; But no, my reading is fine. My writing is worse. But I can read okay. Just joking ^^;;

No... the real reason... is that these are the books I find! When I search for stories about flight, in the library catalogue, or when I ask my friends... this is what I get. Because this is what is there. Even though flight and the dream of flight endures through the ages, inspires many philosophies, and many winged people are adults of course, dreams of flight are seen as for children.

And because we don't treat "children's things" seriously, that means we think they are not serious dreams, or hopes, or wants, or experiences.

Sadly this will probably continue. So, if you don't like that so many books about flight are for children, then there are two things you can do... ideally, do both....

One: realise that a good and worthy story can be in a story marked a "children's book"... and claim these books back... don't be afraid of the label... just read what makes you happy. If this is where all these stories are, then read them here! Take them seriously and write about them seriously. Help people to see that they are not bad books just because they are "children's books"... and that we are being disrespectful to children and to these stories by syaing "the stories don't have any value" (because... that's like saying they're for "people who don't have value"... which is devaluing children).

Two: write your own! ^-^ I would love to see more adult books about flight. Maybe it would be hard to sell it, because people would laugh. But you can try! What do all these books about flying teach us... if you don't jump off a cliff, you'll never soar. So be bold when you write about bold things!


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