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I decided to create this guide to writing winged people after reading many novels and helping [personal profile] charcoalfeathers with her novel as an advisor. During this, I thought of many issues that commonly happen when writing winged people and many things that are often forgotten. So, I decided to make this guide for writing them.

Important! Please remember that this is only one person's opinion! Like any guide to "writing this type of person" I am only one person who can't speak for everybody. These are ideas only! If your experience is different then please tell me and I will be happy to accept your thoughts and add them into this guide.

Also, this guide will only talk about bird wings, not bat wings, dragon wings or insect wings. I don't know enough about those sorts of wings. m(_ _)m So, if somebody is those species, please help the guide to be better and give your thoughts!

Warning: this might have some triggery content for mentions of cruelty to birds/wings.

Ten points to think about )
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