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Short review: A short picture book with very detailed and nice artwork. The main character is a girl who doesn't want wings, but finds out that she loves having them anyway. It's positive in that way, but I don't think that the story describes much "someone who is winged deep in their soul". It's not a bad book for parents to buy for children though as it teaches that it's okay to be unique, and older people might like it for the art.

Writing: It's hard to say really... since there is not much writing in this book. The story is very simple. It has a nice natural feeling to the conversations though.

From a winged person's perspective...: Angela doesn't seem very much like she wants to be winged... although she learns to love it, the story is short so goes into no detail about what that feels like. Really, the lack of "feeling" is why I think this book is not so relevant for winged people, but maybe some people will find that feeling in the pictures, which are very beautiful, and the later pictures do show the joy of flying. There is also a small comment about how it's really a shame if you have wings and don't use them.

Trigger warnings: None that I can see.

More thoughts...: The parts I liked best about this book were the pictures, which have really pretty wings and flying, and lots of different wings poses and details (like little birds in the background), and the dedication... "For Steven Roxburgh, who saw my wings and gave me the sky". This gives you some feeling that there is a winged person's heart behind the story... but this book is too short and has too little detail to give anyone the feeling of what it is like to be winged.

The message of the story is good for young children who are struggling with the feeling of being different, but there is not much for older people. So I would give it a two... or a four if you just want it for the pictures.
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