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Short review: This is obviously part of a large series yet it can be enjoyed on its own. It's a short and fast book in a series involving shapeshifting teenagers and alien enemies. In this particular book, the main character is trapped in the body of a hawk. He struggles with the pull between being hawk and being human, but his end decision is a little thoughtful.

Writing: It felt a lot like a better version of Maximum Ride. The plot is similar in sound and structure (but the narration is not so annoying!) and even the warning in the beginning about how "This is my true story, and it could really happen to you, so be careful!" is the same. I wonder if Maximum Ride was based on this book. The villains also feel quite typically evil, but that may be just for this book. It feels like there are more complex things going on behind the scenes though. It's more fun to read, less clunky.

From a winged person's perspective...: There's a lot of description of how it feels to be part bird, but mostly the description seems to be presented as a frightening thing, showing how the protagonist's mind is changing in ways he doesn't want. It's also a little shallow on description. A very short mention of "I always looked at the sky and wondered what flying would be like, and now I know" but it's left at that. There's some actual flying description but compared to other books I've read, not as much and it feels more brief. The end has some interesting philosophy though, worth a second look.

Trigger warnings: Horrors of war. Protagonist being depressed all the time and temporarily losing his mind. Use of words like "freak" and "living nightmare" to describe non-humans. May spoil the story )

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