Mar. 8th, 2011 10:30 pm
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Short review: A young boy from China travels to a foreign land to be with his father, full of strange people they see as "demons", and try to live among them. But the father, Windrider, believes in a secret heritage he carries inside... and though few people there understand it, with the help of his son, who believes, he tries to bring it to life, to live as a dragon in the modern world.

Writing: It's a slow book, but has a lot of an atmospheric feel of (for me) a very different culture.

From a winged person's perspective...: Even though Windrider chooses to explore his dragon nature by building a device for flight, there isn't a lot about wings... this book is more about identity. It's about a man's faith to live as a dragon, even without his dragon body, and despite that few people believe him, by doing what he thinks a dragon should do. Ultimately the feeling behind it is "a desire to pursue a dream of being yourself, even if most people don't think it's sensible". The "living as a dragon" is subtle and it might be a good model for otherkin, "how to bring your inner self into the human world, while still living in a human way".

Trigger warnings: There weren't any for me, but others might find them.

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