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Short review: A girl discovers that she is born into a lineage of winged people... but also into a lineage that secretly disagrees on what should be done about their wings. She's taken to a remote sanctuary and given time to find herself, and think about her place in the world. A good story, with a sombre feeling, that focuses realistically on life with wings without making it sound too ideal or too horrible.

Writing: The writing style is good... it doesn't stand out as truly good or truly bad. The plot is realistic and the story has a slight melancholy feel, but not as much as Night Flying. It's rather a feel that makes you take it seriously.

From a winged person's perspective...: This book is all about the winged person's perspective and has a lot of little details that make the book feel very real! There is no specific question of whether the people feel they have a "winged person identity" or a "non-winged person identity", but there are many clues that the thought of losing their wings would horrify them. They feel restless indoors and the need to stretch their wings and the urge to fly, and small details are noticed and described that are unusual in most books, like the feeling of rain on bare wings (I really loved that one!). The description of the backs of their clothing to fit the wings seemed very realistic too. The flight abilities are also treated as realistic. I think it's very well done.

Trigger warnings: Cruelty to wings: binding wings to deform them and cutting them off is mentioned often and graphically. Characters with this done are called "cutwings" in a casual manner. This book is not easy on the stomach. Also some describing of the characters as "freaks" and "mutants" by themselves, sometimes in a joking way.

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