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Short review: Experimental kids with wings have adventures! A heroic action-type story. But it feels disjointed and doesn't explain the characters very deeply, plus being winged isn't treated in a consistent manner... sometimes the people are happy to be winged, sometimes they hate it, without any feeling that they reconciled these two things or thought of them at the same time. It seems like whatever emotion they have is used to drive the plot along. Plus it treats being winged as a negative thing and an excuse for drama and emotional pain too much. I don't recommend it.

Writing: Not so good... I felt it had a clunky feeling. The book tries to have a friendly first-person style but it feels awkward. The plot is not too imaginative (in the first book anyway) and the heroes and villains are very stereotyped.

From a winged person's perspective...: There are some nice descriptions of the feeling of flight, but it's not enough to buy the book for. There's too much negativity and focusing on human as the best thing to be.

Trigger warnings: Experimentation on children, using terms like "freak" to describe non-humans

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