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Short review: A sixteen-year-old girl, living in a family of people who can fly, anticipates her initiation into the world of flying solo, while also struggling with the oppressive family that surrounds her. Has a very melancholy feeling because of the controlling family.

Writing: I liked the writing a lot... it twists and turns and doesn't let you know what to expect. The ending is more predictable though. Most of the characters seem to have a negative side along with the positive, which makes the story realistic but also a bit depressing. There are some stereotypes against vegans and all-women groups.

From a winged person's perspective...: Well... this book actually isn't much about wings. ^-^ The characters don't fly with wings, they fly with magic. However, flight is an important ritual to them and makes up a rite of passage. They compare themselves to birds and feel a kinship when looking up into the sky to see them. Will spoil the ending )

Trigger warnings: A very controlling and oppressive family atmosphere. A brief mention of hunting birds.

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