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Short review: A young ice-skater girl ends up with wings, leading to some strange experiences on the ice rink. It doesn't feel like much of a "winged person" book, more a story of a human girl's trials with unexpected wings, and any actual winged people will probably be disappointed at how human it feels. But it's very well-written as a story... just probably not the type of story most people want.

Writing: I really liked the writing. The plot isn't any big shocking thing, but in terms of just the prose, it was joyful to read, describing things well, but not overwhelming. Just as a story by itself, without the winged person element, I liked it... although since it is a typical kind of story also I probably wouldn't have read it if not for that.

From a winged person's perspective...: It's not really a book about a winged person but a book about a human with wings. Like all the books I've read so far there's a good scene about the joy of flying though. The main character does seem to feel a little affinity for wings, but soon gets tired of the trouble they cause. The wings almost seem to have some small personality of their own, which some winged people might have noticed. The girl tries to be anatomically correct while creating her imaginary wings.

Trigger warnings: Lots of wing injuries, tearing and stabbing. Talk about wing amputation. Use of words like "mutant" in reference to non-humans. A description of how "some types of wings aren't anatomically realistic" which might bother some people; it's a bit species-ist? May spoil the story )

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