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I thought I will write these two reviews together, because the first one is a quite short book and the second one is not very relevant to the theme, but, it's here because a lot of library catalogues list it under "Fiction: Flying" and the cover shows a boy trying to fly. Because of that, I feel my duty to talk about the book even to tell you it's not very fitting.

I also decided to do a new thing from now... for the picture books, I'm going to scan one page of the book and show it here. Then, if you are collecting it for the art you can see if you like the art.

So, here are the reviews ^^

Short review (Unicorn Wings): A very simple child's book that is written for readers from "preschool" to "grade 1" in America, with very beautiful pictures and a nice, simple, sweet story with a good message. There's not much for older people but if you are looking for an inspiring book about joy, friendship and magic, to give to a very young child, this is the one ^^

Short review (The Not-Just-Anybody Family): An older child's book that has a "crazy adventure with an odd family" feeling. The writing is fun, but the part about flying is just at the beginning and then it's forgotten very soon, among all the other daredevil mischief. It's a fun book with no bad messages but, there's not much here for winged people.

Snowy white swansWriting (Unicorn Wings): Very simple... there is no poetry. It's a "someone just learning to read" book. Because of that, older people might find it boring, and the ending is not very "neat"... it just stops. But, for a young child it's good and the pictures are beautiful (see on the right).

Writing (The Not-Just-Anybody Family): Quite fun... there's not much problems with the technical writing. It is a little light-hearted so if you want a serious story, it might not be the one but younger children might not notice. The ending is a little sudden and there's not a real plot... it's just "some exciting adventures happen but then things go back to normal". Nothing really changes.

From a winged person's perspective... (Unicorn Wings): Very nice. The pictures of pretty winged creatures will make anyone happy, young or old, and the story is very simple and positive... a unicorn wants wings, helps a pegasus and gets his own wings, and flies off to be happy. There's no bad messages or sneaky feeling of "magic has a price"... just beauty and joy. If only all adults' books could be like this....

From a winged person's perspective... (The Not-Just-Anybody Family): The only content about winged people, or people wanting to fly is at the very start... and, it's over quite quickly. Anyone reading the story for this will be disappointed. There are a couple of nice lines, like "he felt the wings were becoming part of him" but it's not the focus of the story.

Trigger warnings (Unicorn Wings): None.

Trigger warnings (The Not-Just-Anybody Family): Trying to tear off the artificial wings.

More thoughts...: Unicorn Wings really doesn't have any problems except that it is very simple... but, for the age who are meant to read it, it's fine. The Not-Just-Anybody Family is not really relevant to the theme. Because one book has a very special audience and one book is not relevant, it's hard to rate them, so, please use the information here to decide ^^
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