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Short review: A girl discovers she is part faerie, and is taken to the faerie world, but starts finding it's not so beautiful and happy there.... This book promises a lot in the beginning, but, the story is very predictable, the non-humans are treated in a negative way, and it feels not serious enough or emotional enough to catch your heart. The "wings" in the title are also in the book hardly at all. Disappointing, for winged people and for general readers.

Writing: Not so good... the main character emotions aren't described very much or very strongly so you don't understand why she does the things she does, and often, she contradicts herself. The silly humour feels very empty and keeps you from taking the story too seriously. The story is an obvious one, but the writing makes it even more predictable. It's fun and fast to read, but by the end I was getting bored.

From a winged person's perspective...: In the beginning it seems like it might be a good book for winged people. The main character begins to awaken to her faerie self, feeling the strong need to dance under moonlight, and then begins to grow wings. The itching sensations of wings coming out are described strongly, maybe too strong for some, as it might trigger feelings of longing, but winged people will feel understood about the longing to move and grow in certain ways. There are a few interesting things, like how she notices three-dimensional space more when she can fly, and there is some beautiful winged dancing. But, most of the book doesn't have any talk about the wings at all. It's like they just disappear, which is the worst thing you can do writing this kind of book! It also shows non-humans as bad and scary, including bird people. And, her feeling about having wings is mostly "I'm special". No descriptions of beautiful flight, or how she feels happy to come home. In the end, it isn't that good for winged people, and there are much better books that do better all the things that it does.

Trigger warnings: The main character using words like "weird" and "mutant" for herself because of what she is. Showing non-humans as ugly and frightening.

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