Apr. 6th, 2011

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Short review: As it says, this is an anthology of many flight stories. I thought because of the title that it would have a mixture of stories, from winged people to planes. But, there are only a couple of winged people stories, which are the classic Greek myths. Everything else is about planes... mostly war stories. The Greek myths aren't a very good translation either. So... there's really nothing in this book for winged people sadly, disappointing....

Writing: It's an anthology so the writing is varied. I admit that I skimmed-read a lot of the stories because they didn't seen relevant so I don't have a good impression but... the writing didn't connect with me. I guess maybe it's not my type of writing.

From a winged person's perspective...: This book contains a couple of the Greek myths about winged people but otherwise it's not relevant... I couldn't even find any good stories that were about flying in a plane, but had that "joy of flying" feeling. The stories about winged people skim over the details.

Trigger warnings: Horrors of war.

More thoughts...: There isn't much additionally to say about this book since it's not relevant to my theme... but... looking at the title, you might think that it is, so I add this review so people would know. Since it says "flight stories", I expected a mixed spread. But, this is really not "the right kind of flying". So, I can't really give it a rating.

This was a quick review sorry m(_ _)m I was disappointed that this book had nothing for me. But, I'm soon going on a trip and taking many of my books so there will be a lot more reviews in the near future!! ^^

The books I have with me are these, so you can expect some, or all of these reviews soon:

Wings, by Bill Brittain
Signs of Life, by M. John Harrison
Flying Out of this World, by Peter Greenaway
Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach
The Book of Flying, by Keith Miller

Please, I hope you enjoy it! m(_ _)m
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